About Adobe Rose Inn Scone Mix

Marion and Jim of Adobe Rose Inn SconesMarion and Jim Hook have owned the Adobe Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast in Tucson, AZ since April, 2003. Since that time, the Adobe Rose Inn has built a stellar reputation for its creative irresistible breakfasts that can accommodate anyone’s diet. In Fall, 2007, Marion was talking with a colleague who developed wine jellies for sales in gift baskets and specialty retail stores. Her colleague was frustrated that she could not find a scone mix to pair with her jellies. The scone mixes produced baked goods that was either were too dry and crumbled when jelly was applied or just didn’t taste good. Marion was asked to help. She created a delicious Scottish scone mix using buttermilk. The scone had a great texture: crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. And the scone doesn’t crumble with the addition of jam, lemon curd or butter. Initially the scone mix was made in a tiny commercial kitchen in Tucson where Marion was the production line. Now, due to high market demand, Cerreta Candy Co. in Glendale, AZ co-packs the product.

Adobe Rose Inn Buttermilk Scone Mix appears on the shelves of Whole Foods in Arizona and in specialty retail stores and gift shops. Learn where to buy scone mix. Many of our guests tell us that the mix produces the best scone they’ve ever tasted and they frequently buy packages to take home to share with their families or to give as gifts to friends, relatives and business colleagues. Read some of our customers testimonials.

Now you have the opportunity to buy Adobe Rose Inn Buttermilk Scone Mix without coming to Arizona. We think you’ll agree that these easy-to-make scones are the best scones you’ve ever tasted.


Marion & Jim

Adobe Rose Inn Buttermilk Scones is product of ARI Foods, LLC.